Psych 405 History & Systems
Term Paper Site

Part 1: Select Topic

Think of people/topics from previous courses
Look at Biography web sites for examples
Classics in Psych History
History of Psychology Website (Univ of Dayton)
Other ideas/links in Textbook
Examine our class textbook, or textbooks from other classes

For an example of a topic selection paper, click here

Part 2: Gather Sources.

Get Ideas from Internet
Search several (not just one) book and journal

Part 3: Develop a "working" outline-- see my example here
Purdue OWL Univ of Southern California Library Univ. of Washington Psych Dept

Part 4: Build a first draft out of your "working" outline–

                        See my example

Part 5: Get Peer Feedback and continue building and revising your paper